Planning Sub-committee


The activities and functions of the Planning Subcommittee (PSC) are contained in the SAPP Inter Utility Memorandum of Understanding. Some of the issues include but not limited to the following:

SAPP Demand and Supply Situation
The SAPP region has a total installed capacity of 57,182 MW of which 51,702 MW was available as at 31 March 2013. The overall demand forecast including suppressed demand amounts to 53, 833 MW.
Demand Side Management and Energy Efficiency
SAPP is implementing various programs that include the replacement of incandescent bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs), the Solar Water Heater Program, Hot Water Load Control and Commercial Lighting Program. Savings amount to 2,316 MW have been realised between 2009 and 2012.

The MW-km method is being used in SAPP since 2003. This is now being revised taking into account the advent if Independent Power Producer  (IPPs)  and Independent Transmission Companies ( ITCs). SAPP advises on the feasibility of wheeling transactions and transmission loss reconciliation.

Planning Services
Some of the services includes the following:

  • Update of the Integrated regional load forecast
  • Gathering and collating information capacity and new plant, to be used in the update of the Integrated Generation and Transmission Expansion Pool Plan
  • Studies on the integration of new generation projects are undertaken
  • Generation and Transmission Project Tracking to ensure that milestone are met
  • Plans for the reliable operation of the interconnected system

Studies and Procedures
A number of Studies and Procedures have been updated and developed and are available for download:

Standard Systems and Practices : A number of software are used by SAPP that include the following:

  • PSS/E Software - This is used for detailed transmission modelling for steady state and dynamic modelling
  • PLEXOS for Power System - Used for Generation and Transmission Optimisation
  • DigSilent - SAPP will be acquiring this software to complement¬† the current ones