Environmental Sub-committee


Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines
Since the formation of the ESC, the SAPP has developed several Environmental Management guidelines for use by member utilities. The guidelines include:

In addition to the Environmental Management Guidelines, the ESC has also developed the SAPP Position on Climate Change which spells out the regional organisation’s commitment to combat climate change through the implementation of renewable energy projects as well as sustainable management of the non-renewable sources of energy

Liaison and Workshops
The ESC regards capacity building as a priority in building capacity within the region so as to reduce reliance on outside consultancy. Several training programmes take place from time to time. The ESC has also undertaken exchange visits to other utilities such as Nordpool in Norway and Denmark, which treats Environmental Management as a top priority in their operations.

Environmental Management Systems
The ESC is ensuring that all SAPP Utilities develop Environmental Management Systems. Targets have been set for the implementation of key elements of EMS within various utilities