About SAPP

The SAPP was created in August 1995 at the SADC summit held in Kempton Park, South Africa, when member governments of SADC (excluding Mauritius) signed an Inter-Governmental Memorandum of Understanding for the formation of an electricity power pool in the region under the name of the Southern African Power Pool. The ministers responsible for energy in the SADC region signed the Revised Inter-Governmental Memorandum of Understanding on 23 February 2006.

Our Vision

Facilitate the development of a competitive electricity market in the SADC region.
Give the end user a choice of electricity supplier.
Ensure that the southern African region is the region of choice for investment by energy intensive users.
Ensure sustainable energy developments through sound economic, environmental and social practices.

Our Objectives

Provide a forum for the development of a world class, robust, safe, efficient, reliable and stable interconnected electrical system in the southern African region.
Coordinate and enforce common regional standards of quality of supply, measurement and monitoring of systems performance.
Harmonise relationships between member utilities.
Facilitate the development of regional expertise through training programmes and research.
Increase power accessibility in rural communities.
Implement strategies in support of sustainable development priorities.

Our Values

Respect for others and develop mutual trust
Honesty, complete fairness and integrity in dealing with issues
Selfless discharge of duties
Full accountability to the organisation and its stakeholders
Encourage openness and objectivity

Our Mission

Aim to provide the least cost, environmentally friendly and affordable energy and increase accessibility to rural communities.

Our Strategy

To be the most preferred region for investment for value for money by energy intensive users.